Relaxed and inspiring collaboration with Heikkinen Carpentry


“When making furniture, you get to use your skills in a variety of different ways. Co-operation with Jaana and Heikki is relaxed and inspiring. Contact is made by both sides, without judgment, and we brainstorm ideas and solutions together,” carpenter Petri Heikkinen describes the cooperation with Palad furniture brand.

Heikkinen Carpentry manufactures Palad furniture without padding. Heikkinen’s customer base mainly consists of construction companies, and they manufacture everything custom-made. Collaboration with Palad brings interactivity to carpentry and requires creativity.

“Through our collaboration, we have gotten to know Petri as a person and as a professional. Petri is a carpenter already in the second generation, and he is a very skilled worker. His carpentry shop is located a stone’s throw away from our studio,” Palad designers Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo explain.

“The projects are fostered together with Jaana and Heikki. The co-operation offers a lot professionally and creates interesting challenges. We have been working together for three years and have implemented art and furniture projects, among other things,” Heikkinen says.

The furniture projects carried out together, include Palad furniture for public spaces and private homes, such as the BOX – furniture family and the unique P.I.K. – seats of the new ART – collection, which break the boundaries between art and furniture.


Furniture that can withstand time and use

“Petri has a professional background in design, which makes it easy to find common ground. He knows the different materials and processes by heart, and the furniture he makes is of high quality. Premium quality products and sustainability are top priorities for Petri,” Lamusuo says.

For Heikkinen, the most important value that guides his business is loyalty. Long customer relationships and partnerships result from well-done, high-quality work. Investing in quality and durability in public space furniture pays off because prime quality furniture withstands time and use.

“Value-based furniture design is important. Palad is guided by ethical values, and I want to act sustainably as well. My daily work includes small decisions through which I can have a positive influence on the surrounding world. I strive, for my part, to make the world a better place”, Heikkinen reflects.

Acting in a positive way is an essential part of the empathic footprint launched by Palad, which is also reflected in the operations of Heikkinen Carpentry in many ways. Quality is very important to him: the result must be good, durable, beautifully made as well as long-lasting. He prefers local wood as a material, and recycling is a matter close to his heart.

“I’m happy to be a part of implementing an empathic footprint through my work,” Heikkinen states.


You can explore the Paladin TOWERI multifunctional furniture here.


Petri Heikkinen, Jaana Partanen ja Heikki Lamusuo Petrin verstaalla Kuopiossa.

Petri Heikkinen, Jaana Partanen, and Heikki Lamusuo at Petri’s workshop in Kuopio. The Paladin TOWERI multi-functional furniture piece is currently being crafted.


Tower-monitoimikaluste Palad BOX-kalusteperheestä.

The quality craftsmanship of Heikkinen Carpentry is evident in Paladin’s furniture.


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