Stylish ORTOBOX table from Palad’s BOX Collection, featuring a dark, rustic wooden top and sleek metal legs, perfect for adding a modern yet classic touch to any room. / Tyylikäs ORTOBOX-pöytä Paladin BOX-mallistosta, jossa on tumma, rustiikkinen puukansi ja tyylikkäät metallijalat, täydellinen lisäämään modernia mutta klassista ilmettä mihin tahansa huoneeseen.
ORTOBOX™ pöydässä on säädettävät toiminnalliset jalat, jotka ovat yläasennossa tässä kuvassa. / The ORTOBOX™ table features adjustable functional legs, which are in the raised position in this picture.ORTOBOX™ pöydän kaunis ruskea kansilevy. / FI: The beautiful brown tabletop of the ORTOBOX™ tableORTOBOX™ pöytä alimmassa asennossaan, jalat pöydän alle taivutettuna. / The ORTOBOX™ table in its lowest position, with the legs folded under the table.

ORTOBOX™ | table

The stylish ORTOBOX™ is not only a table but also a space-shaping interior design element thanks to its adjustable and foldable legs. With folded legs the table top can be used as a podium on the floor. ORTOBOX™ is the perfect choice for multi-use spaces.

ORTOBOX™ is the perfect choice for spaces with varying daily needs and limited space. One of the table’s technical features is a mechanism that allows the legs to fold under the tabletop. When the legs are out of the way, the table is also easy to store.

The tabletop is made of laminate furniture board, available in black, red, and white. You can choose the exact ambiance and color for your space. Additionally, the leg color options include black, silver, white, and red, offering even more possibilities for personalizing your decor.

ORTOBOX’s convenient portal adjustment allows you to change the table height from standard table height to a height suitable for placement with various sofa sets. The 20 mm interval adjustment culminates in the legs folding under the tabletop. This creates a small platform for activities like yoga or giving speeches. The versatile technical features of the legs make the table easy to use, store, and stack.

The versatility and practicality of ORTOBOX make it an ideal choice for multipurpose spaces in both homes and offices. Whether you need to work, perform, or enhance the room’s decor, the ORTOBOX™ table provides a solution.The table brings both functionality and style to your space, and its possibilities are nearly limitless. Its modern design suits various formal and casual environments, and its timeless design ensures it remains relevant for years to come.

ORTOBOX™ is part of the BOX family, renowned for its high-quality and innovative furniture solutions. Made in Finland, this product embodies Palad’s philosophy of durability, sustainability, and timelessness. By choosing the ORTOBOX™ table, you support Finnish craftsmanship and sustainable practices while gaining a high-quality piece of furniture that will last for years. Each table is meticulously crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring long lifespan and excellent usability.

Explore our projects where we used ORTOBOX™ and get inspired by its versatile applications and stylish design. See how this innovative table is used in different spaces and environments, and find new ideas for your own interior design.


BOX Collection
Varkaus Maxim

Riihisaari museum
Riisa – The Orthodox Church Museum of Finland




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W 2000, D 1000, H 600-900

Adjustable legs with interval of 20mm. The legs can be folded under the table.


Estimated delivery time 6-8 weeks.


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by Gabriel
by Gabriel
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F7934 pearlF2001 baikalF7927 folkestoneF7923 surfF2791 silverF7961 fogF7902 ironF7858 pumiceF7928 mouseF2770 sarumGreyF3202 otterF2253 diamondBlackF9266 citadelF5342 earthF7949 softWhite
F1534 magnoliaF1192 porcelanaF1531 irishCreamF2774 newMagnoliaF0547 papyrusF3050 cygnetF7929 oysterGreyF1532 eldoradoF8751 mojaveF0187 kashmirF0903 cafeF8757 chocoF2200 darkChocolateF8823 patinaF1040 alpino
F2273 seringaF2296 snoWhiteF0901 gobiF2833 sandstoneF7882 paleGoldF7940 spectrumYellowF1803 tenereF1485 chromeYellowF3209 solF4156 caramelF8857 justGoldF4155 sunF4161 terracottaF3210 levante
F5348 energyF2962 clementineF1238 carnavalF0232 juicyPinkF2824 blazeRedF7845 spectrumRedF6907 amarenaF6902 grenadineF0188 beaujolaisF2005 paprikaF7966 NewburgundyF6903 cassisF2582 lilac
F0231 peacefulBlueF1194 irisF1019 azurF7880 thistleF5346 orchidF1997 oceanoF4168 campanulaF2483 ultramarineF7851 spectrumBlueF2828 tropicalBlueF5323 nocturneF7969 navyBlueF7914 marineBlueF5493 arcticBlue
F5127 monacoF1998 osloF1850 fontanaF7884 chinaBlueF5347 mauiF7879 dustyJadeF8822 denimF4172 caribbeanF1326 capriF0157 tahitiF7846 grottoF2478 bermudaF2966 opal
F3236 avocadoF5344 seedF5349 fossilF8755 lemonF7853 oceanGreyF4177 limeF5341 wasabiF7897 spectrumGreenF6901 vibrantGreenF3007 paleOliveF7967 hunterGreenF8820 leafGreenF5343 possum

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