Design for All Shapes and Sizes

Creating an Empathic Footprint

Design for All Shapes and Sizes


Design for All Shapes and Sizes


ART collection

ART collection by Palad brings art into an inseparable part of design. Each piece of furniture in the collection is a unique work of art that is numbered. These 21st century rococo furniture bring unprecedented aesthetics to the interior without forgetting user orientation. In the design and manufacture of the ART collection, the circular economy and the reuse of waste materials are promoted.


TUMA family

The TUMA family products are brought together by the round organic design. The family consists of a sofa, a table and two different footstools. The matching TUMA furniture can be grouped together or placed separately. The different sized seats provide a comfortable resting place for everyone.


REX family

The REX family consists of versatile and multifunctional seats. Thanks to the design of these amazing pieces of furniture everyone can find a suitable and comfortable seat.


BOX family

The BOX family offers multipurpose tables and practical storage furniture. These products bring fresh look into private residence as well as public space.


AID family

The AID family was born during different charity projects. All profits are channeled to charity. The charity partner for the years 2020-21 is Kapua. You can read more about the cooperation here. Prior to that, Tattis’ charity partner in 2016-2019 was Kuopio Women’s Bank.


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