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Palad is a Finnish design brand from Kuopio. Our design is needs-oriented. We design durable and beautiful furniture for the interior of public spaces and homes. Our egalitarian and empathic design takes into account people and spaces of all sizes. The timeless Palad furniture is made in fair local production in Finland.

Palad is a furniture brand that wants to leave Emphatic Footprint on the world. We create more sustainable spaces, experiences and environments. Oases that bring people together and invite everyone in. Our egalitarian design is based on an ethically and ecologically sustainable mode of operation: local manufacturing, for the utilization and maintainability of renewable materials.

In a nutshell, the Empathic Footprint is the positive impact we leave on the world with empathy, through planning based on cooperation and sustainable development.

Palad® – Equal design. For All Shapes and Sizes.

The Palad designers, Partanen & Lamusuo, have a long experience in combining design, art and architecture. They are empathy designers with a vision to create a more whole world piece by piece, with responsibility, empathy, innovation and ecology as their values. The Finnish Palad is an environmentally friendly, long-lasting and timeless purchase, the furniture changes according to the needs of people and spaces, making life easier.

Palad furniture is designed mainly for the needs of public spaces. With their functionality, the furniture solves the challenges posed, for example, by the space’s many usage needs. The furniture of the Palad collection transforms with the needs of the space.

Explore our furniture selection and learn about our approach. Feel free to contact us; we are happy to solve any space-related issues you may have.

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