Design a more empathetic world


How to build a sustainable story out of local production and responsibility? Local cooperation between designers, material producers, and furniture manufacturers creates vitality and well-being in Savo and the whole of Finland.

The empathetic design aims to leave a positive impact on the world – an empathetic footprint. Palad, as part of a close network of partners, aims to bring more life to Finland, especially to Northern Savo.

“Equality, cooperation, and ecological thinking are important values for us. Palad furniture is produced locally, and we know all our partners personally. Supporting local furniture manufacturers and material producers is a choice based on values for us: we want to be involved in creating a local, living ecosystem in the Savo region. Local production is a socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable choice,” say Partanen & Lamusuo.

Collection of ALKIO, TUMA, and TUMA-P Mini furniture pieces adorned with Palad’s vibrant ART Collection Evolution textile, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of cosmic blues, greens, and purples.

Whose forest does our wood originate from?

Locality is reflected in Palad’s material choices, especially in the origin of the wood. Palad furniture is made from wood grown as close to home as possible. Palad’s aim is that shortly we will be able to know more precisely from whose forest the wood used in the furniture comes.

“Local, Finnish, wood is a wonderful material and we want to increase its appreciation. Knowing where the wood and other materials originate from helps us make value-based choices that support biodiversity and assists us to treat nature and the planet with empathy,” Partanen states.

In addition to locally produced materials, Palad uses recycled materials in a new way. For example, birch plywood salvaged from a demolition site is transformed by Partanen & Lamusuo into 21st-century Rococo furniture that breaks the boundaries between art and design.


By repairing you extend the furniture´s life cycle

Palad furniture is always designed with empathy and focus on the customer´s needs, listening and understanding the space from their perspective. Beautifully designed, adaptable, and made from high-quality materials, Palad furniture is an ecological choice: it stands the test of time and use. The furniture is designed with repair and recyclability in mind.

“Palad furniture can be sent to us to be repaired or refurbished. A broken or worn part can be repaired, and the upholstery and covering can be replaced. This gives the furniture more years of use. We also take back furniture that has been purchased from us but which is no longer in use. We service the furniture and give it a new life as recycled furniture. If it is badly damaged, all parts can be recycled,” Lamusuo explains.


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