Office Space Renovation

Office Space Renovation

Transformability was brought to the interior design of flexible offices with designer furniture from the Palad collections. With the material and color scheme choices of the furniture and the interior, visitors are transported to the traditional landscape of the countryside, into a birch forest, summery spruce woodland and to enjoy a sunny autumn day in a pine forest.

The lobby in the central area of ​​the premises was furnished with linen-toned TUMAsofas and TUMA-R™ ottomans with birch-toned TUMA-P™ tables. Seating groups offer a comfortable place for working, meetings, as well as moments of joint brainstorming.

Barns separated from the lobby by wooden and glass walls, serve as spaces for quiet work as well as customer and conference spaces. The combination of linen-toned REX-T armchairs and REX-SLICE™ couches bring classicism and futuristic linearity to the barns breathing the peace of a traditional landscape. Birch-toned, expressive TUMA-P MINI™ tables can be easily moved wherever there is a need for more table space. The shades of linen and birch emphasize the barn theme, to which the design of the furniture creates an interesting contrast.

Keväinen koivumetsä toimiston seinällä on toimitilauudistuksen antia.

The foldable table ends of the 23™ table provide additional space when needed. ©palad

The ORTOBOX™ tables in the meeting room can transform from tables to platforms or stages thanks to their folding legs. ©palad

Aulasisustuksen latomaiset tilat yhdistyvät pyöreisiin kalusteiden muotokieleen. ©palad

A fun barn theme is at the center of the office spaces. ©palad

ORTOBOX™ tables in offices and meeting rooms can be transformed into a podiums or little stages, thanks to their foldable legs. Additionally, more open floor space can be easily created due to this technology. A laptop, papers, and other work tools can be neatly stored under the sliding tabletops of the SLIDE™ office desks, and the folding ends of the 23 desks conveniently and quickly provide more desk space.

TUMA™ sofa
TUMA-R™ stool
TUMA-P™ table
TUMA-P MINI™ table
REX-T™ chair
ORTOBOX™ table
SLIDE™ table
23™ table

REX-T™ chairs and expressive TUMA-P MINI™ tables furnish quiet rooms. ©palad

Nature-themed illustrations on the office walls create a calming atmosphere. ©palad

Maaseudun perinnemaisemaa toimiston seinällä on toimitilauudistuksen antia.

The SLIDE™ office desk conceals loose items thanks to its sliding tabletop panels. ©palad

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