Evolution textile


The new Evolution textile by Palad brings art into an inseparable part of furniture design. All of Palad’s upholstered furniture can be delivered upholstered with Evolution textile, which is available in several different shades. The fabric pattern is the 21st century rococo typical of the ART collection, which exudes playfulness, decorativeness and mischievous boldness without forgetting practicality. The inspiration for the textile is the work of art Evolution realized on the facade of Kuopio University Hospital.

“Evolution textile and artwork are an artistic vision of microscopic images of human cells and tissues. The pattern and the artwork represent people and how we are part of beautiful nature”, describe Palad’s designers Partanen & Lamusuo.

Evolution textile is made to order, and the printing method has been developed to save water. The paper waste generated in the printing process is used as packaging material for a flower shop.

The fabric for upholstery was created in cooperation with Panaz Fabrics and Decco Interiors. The furniture was made by Noronen.

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