Close-up: REX-SLICE™


The close-up series dives deep into the origins and uses of our furniture. The REX-SLICE™ sofa of the REX™ family is the first to enter the spotlight, which brings a nice variety to the space with its beautiful design.

The REX™ product family currently includes three seats designed to be convertible and versatile. The idea of ​​REX™ furniture is that there is a suitable and comfortable seat for everyone to relax.

REX-SLICE™ is suitable for both the center of the space and the wall. The classic design language allows you to play with the layout of the sofa. Example for two sofas can be placed opposite each other, creating a new furniture set. REX-SLICE™ is available in backrest and backless version and the sofa is available in three different sizes. The backrest can be mounted on either the wider or narrower side of the seat. Efforts have been made to dimension the seat section so that everyone is sure to find a comfortable seating depth. In addition to its versatility, REX-SLICE™ can be made in several upholstery options. With the help of color and material it’s possible to make the sofa suitable for any space.

If you want to see this brilliant and transforming interior element in an expressive way, visit BioRex Hämeenlinna, where you will find a backrest version of REX-SLICE™. If you have a vision of what color or pattern REX-SLICE™ you would like, contact us and we will start implementing it!

See the product page: REX-SLICE

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